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So I was going through my old posts and I saw this and you know what, yes I am reblogging it because it is totally necessary.

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This is a really wonderful lecture by Yale professor Paul Fry on queer theory and gender performativity which, besides providing ample food for thought, reminded me why I can never explain to myself — let alone to others — the basic suppositions and implications of queer theory in under 15 minutes or within a few paragraphs. In it he

explores the work of Judith Butler in relation to Michel Foucault’s History of Sexuality. Differences in terminology and methods are discussed, including Butler’s emphasis on performance and Foucault’s reliance on formulations such as “power-knowledge” and “the deployment of alliance.” Butler’s fixation with ontology is explored with reference to Levi-Strauss’s concept of the raw and the cooked. At the lecture’s conclusion, Butler’s interrogation of identity politics is compared with that of postcolonial and African-American theorists.

The distribution of time/topics is as follows:

00:00 - Chapter 1. Introduction to Judith Butler: What Is Sexuality?
03:46 - Chapter 2. Foucault and the Deployment of Alliance
14:53 - Chapter 3. Performing Gender
24:10 - Chapter 4. The Political Agenda of Gender Theory
33:39 - Chapter 5. Foucault’s Method, Butler’s Method
46:20 - Chapter 6. The Gendering of Reading

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Gender Neutral Facebook! ^_^


If you use this you can change your gender on facebook to be undisclosed/other, a friend sent it to me the other day and asked me to post it as it may be of benefit to someone! c:

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This is at the campus of Victoria university in wellington

Aww. Remember Pride Week?
So. Much. Fun.


This is at the campus of Victoria university in wellington

Aww. Remember Pride Week?

So. Much. Fun.

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NYC Pride (The Official NYC LGBT Pride Organizer) 


NYC Pride (The Official NYC LGBT Pride Organizer) 

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ASL Interpretation of Gotye’s Somebody That I used to know by a really hot tattooed butch. With a queer pompadour. 

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Re-gender the internet


Helen Boyd posted about two cool Chrome extensions:

  • Jailbreak the Patriarchy switches “he” and “she” pronouns as well as other gendered words (mother, father, etc)

UniQ has an official website now!

Check it out and have a look at all of the fabulous things we have to offer you!

And while you’re there check out our Pride Week events page to see if anything takes your fancy.

A gender-neutral third-person pronoun has arisen spontaneously as a part of kids' slang in Baltimore -2008



and it sounds(?) like it grew out of african american communities.

I like this much much much more than any other gender-neutral pronouns that are out there right now. They all sound out of place in conversation and just weird. Yo sounds natural and it’s something that I could actually imagine myself using.

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